transforming waste into opportunity

Empower women worldwide. Transform waste into opportunity. Enjoy good food you can trust.

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Agricycle creates fully traceable & ethical products empowering over 11,000 rural farmers worldwide.


Blue Mangoes

tropical sun-dried organic fruit with no added sugars or preservatives and traceable from tree to shelf

Tropicoal Ignition

sustainable charcoal made using 100% coconut instead of cutting down trees—burns hotter and lasts longer

The Good Pantry

gluten-free flours made out of 100% fruit and milled for healthy baking like coffee, breadfruit and coconut


beautiful fruit should be eaten

yet 2.8 trillion pounds of food is wasted annually.

In rural communities, where tropical fruits grow in abundance, the problem is even worse.


Zero-waste production.
Ethical trade.

We’re transforming how supply chains work.

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Ladies of Padibe - Holding Dried Mangoes

women lead cooperatives

and are empowered through job training, regular employment and life-changing wages.

Our commitment to train majority-women cooperatives and source our fruits from smallholder farmers is one small step toward changing the world.

Women in our drying cooperatives, like Evalyn from the Ladies of Padibe cooperative in Northern Uganda, are able to support their families and for the first time ever have financial independence. That independence changes how money is spent in families, leading to better health for everyone and the power to pursue education and entrepreneurship.

Evalyn used to spend her day walking to the street market eight miles away with a bucket of mangoes balanced on top of her head. She wouldn’t know how many—if any—mangoes she would sell, but she was trying to keep her granddaughter enrolled in school. Now, Evalyn can dry her fruits in the morning and has the rest of the day back to herself.


Training the trainers.
Engineering appropriate technologies.

Agricycle is an experiment started by a few college friends who were tired of sitting around and doing homework.

We like to share our thoughts and explain the secret sauce behind the impact we’re measuring. Want to know more?

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Bong County Liberia

partner with us

and bring our model of sustainable development to rural communities across the world.

We work with small and large NGOs as well as local governments, ex-pats and communities.